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CT-2005-SWMB: Sediment Filter Cartridge for CTF-8

CT-2005-SWMB: Sediment Filter Cartridge for CTF-8

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Replacement filter for the Enpress One cartridge tank filter system (CTF-8) offers a
combination filter composed of an outer layer of Polypropylene string with a melt-blown Polypropylene core. The precise wound pattern provides greater surface area, higher dirt-loading capacity and greater efficiency than standard wound filter cartridges. As a dual media filter, it provides a cost effective, extended-life product capable of capturing a broad range of particulates with high service flow rates

The large diameter pre-filter reduces particulate loading on the post filter allowing it to perform at higher velocities, capturing fine sediment, sand, silt, and other particles >20 microns, while the melt-blown core captures particles down to 5 microns.  This dual combination filter extends the life of the inner-cartridge by eliminating premature caking and preventing downstream media migration common in other string cartridges.